About Us

Cartforest is the subsidary devision of Ideaone System Solutions Sdn Bhd. We are web design company located in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur since 2008. We are a group of professionals and talented IT person that wish to make the website design process to work nicely and smoothly.

12 Years Of Experience



Cartforest is a product from Ideaone and started as web design company in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur since 2008. We are a group of professionals and talented IT savvy people that are very passionate and believed IT that can bring changes in conventional local business, especially on SME. With average of 12 years experience in digital world, we help clients to achieve their objective in cost effective and very efficient manner.

Cartforest is an online website design and ecommerce design platform where we had simplify the process flow of the web development. A checklist is always ready for you to follow in order to make the development run smoothly without any trouble. As a result of this, the cost of the web development is reduced.


Design & Development

We simplify the process flow of the website development and ecommerce development


Technical Support

A great support teams are available to support you for your technical and none-technical question.


Digital Marketing

With the helps of SEO, we always believed that you will have constants lead generated every month.

Why must choose Cartforest ?


We love to develop clean, unique and result-driven web sites and web applications. We work for a variety of clients, from small and medium enterprises to multinational organizations.

All the theme in this website is well developed and tested to work perfectly with the demo that you can play around for each of the website template. We had optimized the website to make it run smoothly and fast enough to meet the SEO requirement. Beside that, we also helps customer to make the design in very fast manner so that the customer can start their online business as soon as possible.

Who will handle my website?


Web Design and internet marketing requires intensive and broad IT knowledge to do the job. It is same as how lawyers and doctors work. We, as professional IT talents, conducting our job in very professional manner to ensure the quality of work being delivered to clients. We had more than 12 talents from different field that are ready to work for you. We have professionals specialized in IT Infrasturcture, Branding, Graphic Design, Website Development, Programmer, photographer, videographer, internet marketer that are working closely to provide 1 stop solutions for you. Once you engaged with us, you do not need to find other providers. All IT services is ready for you. We help you handle your IT manner from basic to complex tasks. Let the professionals do your professional task.