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The Most Important Features of Cartforest™ Ecommerce

1. Ready in 1 Hour. Start selling in 24 Hours.

Long development time will NEVER be a problem anymore when you choose Cartforest™ as your e-commerce partner. With less than 60 minutes, your website can be ready. You just need to update your website for the next 23 hours. Start selling within 24 hours.

2. Plenty of themes for you to choose from.

Plenty of themes are available to suite your needs. The only worry you may have is not being able to decide which theme should be used due to the wide selection available. For more theme selection, please visit :


3. Unlimited Product Upload

With Cartforest™, you DO NOT need to worry about website storage anymore. We provide you unlimited product upload regardless of how many product you upload to the server. We will take care of your storage concerns and allow you to concentrate on your business.


4. Various choice of payment gateway and shipping setting

There are more than 4 Malaysia popular payment method (Paypal, ipay88, GHL, and MOLPay) already pre-coded in the system. You just need to register and fill in the blanks and all is done. Let the system handle the rest of the payment mechanism for you. Headache on the Shipping? Fet not, ad we have pre-defined shipping data for Malaysia top 3 Courier Services Company (Poslaju, GDex, and Airpack) that is catered for your business.


5. Fast Loading and Secured

Frustrated waiting for your website being loaded? Now, you don’t have to wait anymore. Your website will be optimized for speed and security by our professional team of developers. Improved speed will help in generating good User Experience which in turn converts to higher sales. Security is always our priority in website building.

6. Support / Knowledge Center

Worry-free customer support. Suport department has been setup and ready to answer your queries. Beside that, you will be equipped with plenty of video tutorials that will teach you step-by-step on how to properly use Cartforest™ effectively. For Video access,
please visit :


7. Free Consultation on System and Digital

Need to consult someone professional on your ideas or problems? We are always here to assist. We provide free consultation to you to help you grow your business. Digital marketing is another area that can help your business. We do provide consultation services in digital marketing as well.

8. 100% Customizable to Suite your Needs

Need customization? Cartforest™ Team are always ready to hear from you. We can customize your website based on your requirements without sacrificing any existing good elements when rebuilding the website.


9. Low Renewal Cost

Worry not about the renewal cost. We have made it as low as RM500 per year for the second year onwards.



- Unlimited products
- Unlimited categories and subcategories
- Unlimited product combination
- Sell MP3, software photos, music, files
- Downloadable product packs

Shipping & Payments

- Unlimited Shipping Carriers - Integration with Malaysia major payment
pro viders, ipay88, GHL, MOLPay, and Paypal
- Unlimited destinations - Pay by check
- Shipping discounts - Pay by bankwire
- Free shipping option - Payment upon delivery
- Store pickup option - GST configurable
- Shipped package tracking - Email notification for delivery status


- PCI Compliance Ready
- Protected from know vulnerabilities (XSS, CSRF, SQL Injection, etc.)

Grow Your Customer Base

- Connect with customers via email
- Import / Export Customer

Digital Marketing Tools

- Newsletter subscriptions - Cross sell products
- Create coupons and vouchers - Automated follow-up emails
- Upsell functionality in the cart - SEO Optimization
- Recently viewed products

Catalog Management

- Import CSV files of products - Restocking alerts
- Inventory management - Automated follow-up emails
- Inventory tracking by product and variations - Create bundled product packs
- Organize products by price, name, or inventory